Hollywood Escape Level 10 Walkthrough

Clue for Hollywood Escape Level 10 Walkthrough how to pass the holywood room – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
Holywood Escape App Game by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


hollywood escape niveau 10 solution
tap the right table and get a tissue
get a pipe and magnet from floor vent
tap the left bucket to get a rope, use the tissue on bucket

look at the left wall, clean the wall with tissue and reveal clue :
John – #
Smith – 5
Jessica – 7
Monica – 6
Leo – 3
Alexander – 9

if you look at the right table, the monitor clue : L is first
so enter 34567 9 to get key

combine magnet and rope to get a key from floor vent
tap the left side and use the red key to open the glass
press these buttons :
x o
o o
x x
get a rubber
combine the rubber + pipe and use it on the ladder
go up and use the key to open door on top
escape to level 11

hollywood escape nivel 10 video cheats guide :


Welcome to Hollywood! As in the other games from the creators of Can You Escape series your goal is to break out from different rooms.
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