House of 100 Zombies Level 4 Walkthrough

Answer for House of 100 Zombies Level 4 Walkthrough – Can you escape from kids bedroom house of 100 zombies ? find weapon to kill the zombie, collect items and clue to escape, combine and solve puzzles with and multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.
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House of 100 Zombies Level 4 Cheats :
find 3 train track :
1. on bed
2. left cabinet
3. on right table
get tape near bunny statue on middle table

use the tape to connect the cable on floor then place all 3 tracks to connect the train
tap the handle to move the train and pick up the key

use key to open box on bed and take the knife to kill zombie on right side
tap the picture and enter code from left cabinet : 2980 to open the safe
get the battery inside

put the battery to the remote on right table and pick up the remote
use the remote to move the toy car between the left cabinet and get the matches box

tap left picture frame for the matches clue
look on left box and use the matches box then arrange the matches stick for computer cable
connect the laptop + cable for color clue
count each color and use it as code to open left box :
2 4
2 3
take gun and key inside
use key to open left cabinet closet and use shot gun to kill it
obtain a ladder inside and place it on the left to reach the ceiling
open the attic door and escape to stage 5


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