Human Life Level 4 School Walkthrough

Answer for Human Life Level 4 School Walkthrough – Locked after school for not doing your homework? Check around the room, there must be a way out! Play as a human life story from birth to end and escape from different room with life theme full of traps, clues, hints and puzzle logic that you need to solve !
прохождение Human Life by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


human life level 4 walkthrough
tap the left table and connect the picture of bird for ruler
place the ruler on left blue book and tap the tip to break it
the clue on left board is c-d-a-b
look at right board for numbers, using the clue you will get these numbers : 2 1 4 3
get the paper with key picture on board, observe the paper you will see a picture of key inside apple
use the code to open the safe under teacher’s table
use the ruler to slice apple for key
insert the key to door keyhole and escape to stage 5


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