Human Life Level 6 High School Walkthrough

Hint for Human Life Level 6 High School Walkthrough – Quick! The police is here and its way past your bedtime! There must be a way to break the door! Play as a human life story from birth to end and escape from different room with life theme full of traps, clues, hints and puzzle logic that you need to solve !
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human life level 6 walkthrough
look at clue on table, you need to create a catapult
tap the door to get ski board and weight
move the hat on bookshelf and get the key also get pin and rope above it
get cork screw on floor
use key to open table drawer for knife then combine with the rope

tap the table and put the skiboard
add corkscrew + pin + rope + weight
tap the weight so it hit door and break it open
escape to stage 7


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