Human Life Level 7 First Job Walkthrough

Hints for Human Life Level 7 First Job Walkthrough – You were made for something more, not working in a fast food restaurant! Escape this slavery! Play as a human life story from birth to end and escape from different room with life theme full of traps, clues, hints and puzzle logic that you need to solve !
прохождение Human Life by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


human life level 7 walkthrough
get cloth on left floor and food from left side
get the spoon and onion on kitchen, open top cabinet for bottle of sauce
pick up knife from middle burger and use knife to cut the onion on empty board
tap right pot and put food, sauce, spoon, chopped onion and cloth
get keycard and use it to the door
solve the puzzle so you have all horizontal arrows and open door
escape to stage 8


solution of human life level 7 video cheats guide :

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