Human Life Level 8 Military Service Walkthrough

Solutions for Human Life Level 8 Military Service Walkthrough – All your fellow soldiers have escaped but you! Be quick, before the truck explodes! Play as a human life story from birth to end and escape from different room with life theme full of traps, clues, hints and puzzle logic that you need to solve !
прохождение Human Life by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


human life level 8 walkthrough
get duct tape on right side
look at the colored words on right side, use it as order to open the left briefcase : red – yellow – blue – green
get the screwdriver and use it to open the window screws
go inside and change the circle to match the background color
get key and grenade from left box

use the key to open right suitcase for rope and crowbar
use the crowbar to open plank on ceiling, place the grenade then add duct tape and rope
go back and tap the rope to blow up your way out
escape to stage 9


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