Room Escape Locked Room 2 Walkthrough

Solutions how to solve puzzle of Room Escape Locked Room 2 Walkthrough find secret door and escape the house with the tool & items that you can find all over the room.
room escape game LOCKED ROOM2 by SKAT COMPANY Inc. / nekonote for iphone, ipad, ipad, android


how to play :
tap everywhere in the room ! find and use the hidden item to open the door

locked room 2 cheats :
move to the right look on the sofa and tap the left pillow, pick up a white paper
go to the right and look on the cabinet, open the 3rd drawer and check the notes of card symbol equation
move to the right and look at the table for plant & origami book
get a J square behind the plant and open the book, look the white paper from inventory and create a paper airplane

look at the left shelf and reveal a number of diamond = 1
so using the previous formula we can get :
spade = 3
heart = 2
clover = 4
look at behind the house block for pencil, and tap on the right shelf for wooden duck with different size and color base

move left and look at the 1st drawer, enter like the duck color order :
blue – red – yellow – green
get A square, move to the left and look on the left table
there’s a hole next to the lamp, put the pencil inside
get a Q square
tap the sofa and open the book, turn the page until you can see a number
use the pencil on the torn page : 13:30:45 PM
from the book and clock on table you can get the code for time and shape :
triangle : circle : square
1 : 6 : 9
with order from clock : short hand : minute hand : second hand = square circle triangle

LOCKED ROOM2 app game answers video guide :

go to the right and tap the bottom drawer of shelf, enter 961 to get a match box
move to left and look under the sofa, use match to reveal the dark area and get K square
order the cards shape : 3 2 1 4
A = 1
J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13
so place QJAK to the box on the right table, get a pliers inside

move to left and use the paper plane to the left ceiling, get a key on floor
back to the room with cabinet and use the key to open the hatch on left floor for wooden sticks
use pliers to cut it open, move right and look at the ceiling
place the wooden stick on the wood to make a stairs

go up and use the match to light the candle, pick up the key behind the candle
back and tap the switch on wall, move to right and look at the table for arrow line
tap the drawer and look at the note for some word hints, these are the direction
tap the knob handle and turn it to : Right Left Left Left Right Left
get the knob for screwdriver

go downstairs and look at the left shelf for house block, use the screwdriver to open the block and get a glass
move to the other side and tap the right box next to the sofa
open the box and use the screwdriver to get a mirror from box
move left and open the door, use the mirror to get a magnet

go back to upstairs, move right and look at the wood on corner
place the magnet on the spot and get a hammer, move right and look at the barrel
use the hammer to break it open and use the cup to get a water
go down and look at the plant on right, pour the water from cup and get a blue ball


go up, next to the left
tap the white box on left, remove the screws with screwdriver
place the ball on the slider and get the key, go down to the cabinet room
use the key to open the right hatch on floor
escape through the ladder

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