Room Escape Locked Room Walkthrough

Cheats how to solve puzzle of Room Escape Locked Room 2 Walkthrough find secret door and escape the house with the tool & items that you can find all over the room.
room escape game LOCKED ROOM by SKAT COMPANY Inc. / nekonote for iphone, ipad, ipad, android


3D Room Escape Game : You are locked in a room and you need to find a way out by finding items and solving puzzles

locked room solutions :
tap the jail bar to look the left wall :
III x x x
tap the switch to turn off the light, move to the left and remember the arrow direction
left 3x, right , left , right 3x
move to other side and there’s another roman numbers : x x x II

back to the bars to tun on the light, move right and tap the painting like the arrow direction to make it drop
there’s a third roman number : x x VI x
move to the right and tap on the table, open left drawer to get a green plate with 4 circles hole
go right and check on the ceiling for the last roman number : x IV x x
get a pointing stick and extend it inside inventory

look at the left floor for the hole, use the stick to get a memo
open the paper to get blue key and use the green plate to reveal 4 letters :
s = south
E = east
N = north
W = west
order the circle size, you will use it as direction
move right and tap on the left wall, change the direction to :
down right up left
get a knob and move to the other side, look under the table for hint
tap the knob and flip it over, tap the button like the paper clue under table
place the knob on right drawer and get a red key inside

LOCKED ROOM2 app game answers video guide :

combine all roman numbers and you will get numbers to enter on right keypad : 3462
get a yellow coin on yellow hatch
use the red key to open red hatch and get a flashlight

back to the room with painting, look at the hole on wall and use flashlight to reveal the numbers :
top 6 5
middle 2 1
bottom 3 4
get a purple coin, back and move to the left

use the number from the hole to remember the order of color on the right circle
yellow – purple – blue – blue – green – red – pink


go to the other side and use the blue key to open the blue hatch and tap on the color with the correct order from circle
move to the right and place the yellow and purple coin as eyes from the ceiling, get the key with colors
move right and use the key to the right keyhole and the bars will open

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