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Kids Room Walkthrough Room Escape Game

Solution to escape from kids room walkthrough – room escape game where there are a lot of kids stuff inside a single room where you must find some dinosaurs toys to find the key and get out from this room.
脱出ゲーム KIDS ROOM by noprops

video answer guide :

kids room answer cheats :
look at the right cabinet
tap the plant on top right corner, open the hatch and get the purple key
look at the robot then press on the button and remember the color :
white – green – orange – blue – pink

go to the other side and look at the cabinet with blue and pink color
use the key to open the pink drawer, click on the color of robot eyes order on the star
get a yellow star inside

go back to the other side and tap the stars on top right cabinet door
press on these red dots puzzle to make a star shape, put the yellow star on it
get a purple dinosaur inside, then get the yellow star back to inventory

now press on the bed side on left and look at the dinosaur side to see some cards symbol :
red spade – yellow club – green heart – blue diamond
match them to get the color order
back to the other side and click on the blue drawer
enter the color order from the bed and dinosaur :
red – yellow – red – yellow – green – blue – green – blue
get a yellow scissors inside

go to the left and look at the kendama
take the ball up and cut the string with scissors
divide the red ball in half
go to the right and look on the wall
press on the + pink sign and remember the shape order

move to the other side and look on the blue cabinet door
put the red ball on the plus sign, then you will see the button come out
now press on the shape number : 1 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 1
get a green dinosaur, check out the tail and get the screwdriver

back to other side and go to the desk
look at the globe, use the screwdriver to remove the screw on top of the globe and pick up the globe
look at the drawer and open the pink drawer
place the yellow star inside and use screwdriver to remove 5 screws on center
get the pentagon shape and look at the back side, get the hook out

back to the bed side and look at the toy robot on cabinet
place the pentagon hook on the right hand, press the button on body
go to the other side with green wall, you can see the sparkling wall
click it and open the hatch
get the apple and banana, now match the color :
apple on left
globe on middle
banana on right
pick up the orange
go to the left back to the kendama, and place the orange on it
you will see a treasure box

back to the first plant where you can open the hatch on wall
get a purple dinosaur

go to the left with purple wall, look at the white shelf
place the blue – purple – green dinosaur on it, get a key

back to the treasure and open it, look at the back lid and use scissors to cut
get a dice, check on the other side.. it’s your hint for the last puzzle
move to the left and go to the cabinet
press these circle on white door :
o o o x
x o x o
x o x o
o o o x
place the dice inside and you will have the key
use it to open the door and escape from kids room

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