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Just Escape Medieval Room 1 Walkthrough

Just Escape Medieval Room 1 Walkthrough Cheats how to solve puzzles and find clues on the medieval castle to unlock the door and Just Escape the room
Just Escape a room escape game by Inertia Software

just escape medieval level 1 video cheat guide :

just escape medieval room 1 solutions :
hold and move the screen to look around the room
tap the left chair to pick up 2 items : satchel and stone
open the inventory bag and dismantle the satchel for a steel
select the stone and steel then combine these items
you can use items by selecting, then tapping use
tap the fireplace to create a fire
get a candle on the right barrel, then use the candle on the flame to light it up
now use the candle to 2 torch between the knight
the knight armor will drop a key from its hand
pick up the key from floor and use it to open the door and escape this room

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