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Can You Escape Epic Level 1 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Epic Level 1 Walkthrough how to pass the room escape epic 1 puzzles and find the hidden objects to open the room and move for the next level with theme of favorite movies, characters, hobbits, dungeons, dragons and much more.
room escape epic app game by lcmobileapp79 on android and iphone device

the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles, you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door

Can You Escape Epic Nivel 1 Video Cheats Guide :

can you escape epic niveau 1 solution :
get a lighter on floor use it to light the left candles
remember the blinks it makes
tap the box on the right and press the fire button 4 times
get a screwdriver and use it to open the top left drawer for a mirror
open the bottom drawer and connect the puzzle line to get scissors
use the mirror to reveal numbers under the table : 1350

use the scissors to cut the rope from paper scroll on floor
there’s a hint : -395

tap the right wall and remember the arrows direction :
down down up down down down
right left left
look at the box on left chair and press the button like the clue
do the math : 1350 – 395
enter 955 and get the key from box
use the key to tap the door open

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