The Dangerous GEN-KAN Walkthrough Escape Game

Cheats to solve The Dangerous GEN-KAN Walkthrough a room that full with mystery and trap, so if you make any wrong move the game will over and you need to restart the puzzle in order to pass.
脱出ゲーム The Dangerous GEN-KAN by Mani Morishita for iphone, ipad, ipad and android


how to play :
Somehow, you were cooped up in the GEN-KAN where some dangerous devices are placing… Avoid the danger and escape from here!
basic operation :
You can look around the room by tapping. Something might happens when you tap the doughtful place. When you tap the arrow button on the edge of the screen, you can move the point of view (swipe also available)
When you get the item. It will be displayed in the itembox. If you tap the button twice, you can expand and examine the item.

unreal cheats escape game video guide :

The Dangerous GEN-KAN -Escape Game- solutions :
look at the red pot on left and pick up a red cube
move to the left and enlarge the green picture in the middle, get a green cube on top left
go left and look on the steel pipe on the corner, get 1 iron pipe
move to the other side and look on the jail bars, use the pipe to reach the paper note
there are some clue on the paper note, these are the line shape from squares that you need to press
back to the other side, now tap on the white square with roman numbers
find out 3 number from the paper note line shape and remember it
go to the right and look at the left shelf, enter the number on the danger box
get a hammer inside, use it to break the glass on the right wall
tap the black danger square a couple of time until it drop down and pick it up
look on the square and flip it to reveal a shape of pie for hints
go to the other side and tap on the 6 bottles, now you need to find the one with the missing shape from the square
hit the bottle with hammer to get the key
back to the other side and look on the blue box, use the key to unlock the box open
get a screwdriver and blue cube inside


move to the other side and use the screwdriver to open the box on right, get a metal plate
go to left room and look on the table, there’s a photo and scale
look the photo for hint to place the cube color and place the metal plate on the scale
now place the cube one by one and confirm the weight on scale
get a wire cutter when you’ve put the cube correctly

go to the right and look on the lever on the wall
use the wire cutter on it then tap and hold the lever until the bar full into green
get a wrench from left wall

move to the right and look on the wooden box, open the bolt using wrench and pick up the wheel inside
go to the left and place the wheel handle on the bottom left spot
tap the handle to turn it, then go back before the ladder fall down

climb the ladder and open the panel, now you have 1 minute to cut on the correct wire color
go back and find glowing numbers on colored object :
yellow drum, green square on wall, cyan box on wall, red pot
these numbers are random so you must have your own answer to cut the wire with wire cuter
when you’re done go down to the jail bars and tap on the red button to get a key


use the key to unlock the door open, but don’t go out yet because you’ll die 😛
go back and look at the shadow on floor, open the hatch and tap the red button
back to the jail bars and you’ll have the bars gone by now
tap the dark area to exit and escape

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