Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 2 A Bad Student Walkthrough

Hints for Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 2 A Bad Student Walkthrough how to complete 3 stars to find the hidden objects secret items, key to the door and locate the ferret on this stage 6-2 cheats
Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. available on google play for android and itunes for iphone, ipad and ipod


tiny thief level 6-2 cheats :
tap the bell on table, then move to the glass ball and tap it
open the door and move down
tap the picture on wall and change them into candy images to get a candy
go down, open the door tap the trashcan to make a paper plane and quickly hide inside the cabinet
get the stick on table
open the door and play the piano, open the door and wait until the witch look on the piano, then you can go up


get the key and unlock the locker on left to get witch hat + trophy
change the cactus into christmas tree and tap the ferret for star
change the statue into short, tree into square and hat into tall one
go up to the table through the small ladder, move to the left using statue, tree and hat to get a book
go up, open door and move right to tap the mouse so it get bigger
tap the chair to get ink
go to the left door, tap the paper with music tune
go back and down to the piano and play it to get red ball
go up back to the left door
sit down on desk and wait until the witch fly up
tap the book then back to the desk, tap the owl
open the door on right and escape with 3 stars


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