Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 3 Gretel Factory Walkthrough

Solution for Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 3 Gretel Factory Walkthrough how to complete 3 stars to find the hidden objects secret items, key to the door and locate the ferret on this stage 6-3 cheats
Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. available on google play for android and itunes for iphone, ipad and ipod


tiny thief level 6-3 cheat :
tap the candy color into blue and red so the color combination is purple, tap the controller
now change the color into blue and yellow so you have green color, tap the controller
tap the right controller to change candy shape into key
change the color into yellow + yellow, tap the controller
now in order to locate and find the ferret you must tap the controller a couple of times until the big candy glass on bottom right reveal the clue with 4 shape
tap the animal inside the glass

change the shape of square like the candy glass hint :
triangle square circle hexagon
tap the red lever and get the yellow candy on left
go down and tap the box crate to get key
tap the red box to get a fire extinguisher
unlock the right box and get the lollipop candy
go to the left


move to the left and use the lollipop to the kid
go right and down, tap the ladder then press the lever
get the key and go to the right
tap the red button then go up, use fire extinguisher on fireplace
open the lock and get a green bottle
go down and change all the monster into human
tap the big candy to ride it
change the monster on cage into human and get the rabbit
go to the right, up and left
move to the left and get the chicken on cage
now go down and escape to the left


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