Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 4 The Magic Bazaar Walkthrough

Solutions for Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 4 The Magic Bazaar Walkthrough how to complete 3 stars to find the hidden objects secret items, key to the door and locate the ferret on this stage 6-4 cheats
Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. available on google play for android and itunes for iphone, ipad and ipod


tiny thief level 6-4 cheat :
get the bowl from old man, go to left and get the hammer from man with eyepatch
back to the right and tap the box to teleport to top left
use the hammer on the wood, then back to the box
go up with ladder and move to the left where the water spills
use the bowl then go down, give the bowl back to the old man and get the trumpet
go up and use right ladder, give the man trumpet
now you can go up using the rope, go down using ladder and get the candle
use the fishing pole to get bone and clock



go down to the stick shop, press the yellow, red and blue stick when the witch is not looking at you
get the ice cube on floor then give it to the lemonade shop and get the drink
go down to the left and give the bone to the dog
tap the ferret behind the crystal ball to get star, then tap the dragon
light the candle from fire, then get the bowl from man on right
go up then get the spills water near the stick shop and give drink to the man on spice shop, get 1 spice
go down and give the old man his bowl back to get a crystal
tap the box to go up and get the ring on floor
give the spice to the man chef with knife, then get the knife
back to the box and go up for top right and light the rockets to make the witch fall
get some rocket inside the barrel
use the chop on left rope then tap the lever to close the cauldron and escape with 3 stars

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