Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 5 Dark Magic Walkthrough

Cheat for Tiny Thief Bewitched Level 5 Dark Magic Walkthrough how to complete 3 stars to find the hidden objects secret items, key to the door and locate the ferret on this stage 6-5 cheats
Tiny Thief by Rovio Stars Ltd. available on google play for android and itunes for iphone, ipad and ipod


tiny thief level 6-5 solution :
tap the wall on the upper right to reveal a green stone
tap the statue to make a stair to reach the green stone
now change the stair order facing the other way so you can climb up
don’t forget to click the tail on big statue to find the hidden ferret for your 1st star
pass the ghost by hiding inside the coffin and get the bone from skeleton
go up and get the rope
go down to the bottom right to reach the star using the rope bone
back to the top and use the rope + bone to cross the gap
go up to the ladder



get the broom on left, now tap the red square in this order : 1 2 3 x
go down and get the hourglass
move to the left under the bottom right of the horse statue, tap the statue so you can grab without break it
go down and get the crowbar
use the crowbar to open the lock cage and get meat + watermelon
go to the witch and switch her broom, you’ll see a funny animation then she’ll change into dragon
go down and put the watermelon in front of the dragon, wait until she freeze it
get the freeze watermelon
put the meat on the hook then tap the lever, the dragon head will stuck
now quickly go up and tap the other lever to close the gate to make it really stuck
go to the top under the king, and drop the watermelon to kill the dragon
escape using broom with king and 3 stars

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