Try To Escape 2 Walkthrough

Guide for Try To Escape 2 Walkthrough – Escape from an abandoned space station with full of various dangers and puzzle. Find out how to repair the space ship and escape !
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Try To Escape 2 Walkthrough
Open the bag for keycard and paper clue
observe the paper for numbers : 14875
enter these code into keypad so the door open

tap the hatch on floor and connect the puzzle to open it
go below to get car key and jerry can
go up and find the yellow car
insert the key and jerry can for fuel, now move the the green circle D and tap gas
after you hit the door, change to R and tap gas
go inside and look on left puzzle : 5370942 with arrow
you need to switch each numbers based on arrow direction
get the paper and dynamite from shelf
enter these code on keypad : 4250379

get the gun and use it to the robot outside then get a blue screw
now you need to find 2 other screws for the space ship
follow the video guide below 🙂


solution of try to escape 2 video cheats guide :

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