100 Floors Annex Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough

Cheats for 100 Floors Annex Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough guide how to solve all the challenging puzzles niveau on the 100 floors annex and escape each floor rooms using the cheat solution below
100 Floors – Can You Escape? app game by Tobi Apps on iphone and android


100 floors annex level 31 walkthrough
get the happy mask behind the right vase
use the key to open the left box and pick up the sad mask
put both mask on frame above door

100 floors annex level 32 walkthrough
thanks to Kelly W for the answer :
press these button on door : blue, blue, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green

100 floors annex level 33 walkthrough
from the bird shape we must make the pieces into egg following the shape on door

100 floors annex level 34 walkthrough
i don’t really know the meaning of clue : 36090180270
just try the brute force to open this floor code 😐 here’s the answer :

thanks to Ann Despang for the explanation :
numbers are degrees of angle 360, 90, 180, 270, so it makes full circle, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4

100 floors annex level 35 walkthrough
tap the statue mouth to turn on the fire for each jar


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  • Lino

    Level 33: you can flip a shape by tapping the small button on the left side! (Flip more than the one shape)

  • Dan Fellmeth

    Level 32: if you solve the maze you pass by the colors in the maze in this order: Purple, orange, blue/green (the one directly above orange), light purple, cyan (hardly noticeable right above the seam in the door), blue, yellow, green, red. I haven’t figured out how that leads to the solution, but I assume its related since there is a maze and a “START” indicator

    • Andrew

      Just commenting to bring you back if you have tried anything else. You can read my response to Ernesto below

    • R-Con

      Red has one dot (first) and blue has two dots (second). Following the maze if you combine red and blue you get purple, which is the first color. I realize the dot theory doesn’t follow the second color which is orange. Red (one dot) and yellow (four dots) make orange. But any thoughts on combining colors to make the first five colors?

      • Dan Fellmeth

        Perhaps the dots on the buttons indicate the order they should be pressed in in order to make the composite color. Ex: orange could be pressed as red->yellow, or yellow->red, but since red has the 1 dot on it, it should be pressed first

        • Chad

          I thought the same thing from the get-go, and tried pressing them in that order, but no luck. Not really sure which combinations make up some of the colors. Could some of them be three? And to address Ernesto’s comment below, when passing through the maze, you never actually touch any of the colors – they’re all right off of the path.

      • sophie

        the additive rgb colour mixing kind of lends itself to the colours you pass in the maze, apart from orange:


        purple (red + blue)
        orange ( ? )
        cyan (green + blue)

        • Dan Fellmeth

          There’s 8 colors though, there’s also light purple, and you either missed the blue/green just to the right of the purple, or the cyan right above the middle of the door

  • Ann Despang

    level 34: numbers are degrees of angle 360, 90, 180, 270, so it makes full circle, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4

  • Ernesto

    Level 32: I also noticed that while you pass by the colors in the maze, you don’t actually touch the first blue (light blue) and the red. You just pass very near. And also the Orange kind of looks like an “F” the purple like an L the light blue and light purple like O’s the very light blue above the door kind of like a lowercase R then the red looks like an S so now we’ve got the word FLOORS. Could that have something to do??

    • sophie

      hoi my name will be sophie and this level i have stuck on for much time now. if there will be a solution have you found it? many nights i have been awake for this and i have not been able to eat.

    • Andrew

      I thought they looked like numbers, red = 5, blue = 4, green = 7 and yellow looks maybe like 1 but doesn’t fit and hasn’t really worked yet but maybe something to go on. Wife tried the dots on the buttons as braille but that didn’t get her anywhere either. This is a tough one :/

      • 100doorssolution

        i still think of the color combination :\ but for cyan we’re missing the white color

  • Sunny

    Level 35 – the statue reacts to sound, just make a sound that lasts for about a second for each jar

    • David

      This is the right way. Thats why there is a howling wolf on the wall.

  • Sunny

    Level 35 – the statue reacts to sound, just make a sound that lasts for about a second for each jar

  • Kelly W

    Blue has 2 dots, red has 1 dot, yellow has 4 dots, green has 3 dots. The answer is blue, blue, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green. I have no idea why that is the answer though. Can anyone else figure it out?

    • Galya Fedderly

      all I can think is that the colors are a red herring for the maze because they are all dead ends!!! I think the order reflects how many directions you can go in those shaded colors. Blue has the most junctions then red then yellow then green… The number of times to press has to do with the dots inside the colors. But this is all a guess…

    • Kelly W

      The “solution” for level 32 is on their Official 100 Floors Guide app now. (It wasn’t when I bought the app, which I did specifically for this level….) They say you are suppose to tap the button the number of times specified with dots in the order that you would come to the color in the maze. Blue(2)> yellow(4)> green(3)> red(1), but obviously we all tried that first and it didn’t work. I think this level was programmed wrong. This app has gone downhill after they finished the original 100.

  • Flippedsided

    Level 32! Could be on to something! – Maybe using the coloured shapes you have to press the colours to direct yourself around the maze! So to start you’d select yellow, then I think purple (red + blue). That’d take you to the bottom left corner of the maze. I just can’t figure out what colour to use next…

    • Flippedsided

      Or maybe yellow then green…? Ahhh this is so annoying!!

  • llilandriltara .

    For the floors 34 the number are differen degree 360 degree 90 degree 180 degree and 270 degree

  • Alli Bess

    They must have changed the answer to level 32. I know that this answer used to be correct but I re-downloaded a while ago and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. I tried until I got it right. The combination that worked for me was blue, blue, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green, green, green, red

  • Amanda Ritchot

    Ok so i tried Kelly’s answer for level 32, it is not that, the correct answer is Blue, Blue, Yellow x4, Green x3, then Red. It’ll work for sure!