Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 8 Walkthrough

Hints for Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 8 Walkthrough – Find all 15 purple dragon gem on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all the tower room !
прохождение Can You Escape – Tower 2 by Kaarel Kirsipuu / MobiGrow on iphone and android


Can You Escape Tower 2 Stage 8 Cheats
get a stone on left side
got to left and pick up a plank, go back to right
tap right and put the plank down so you can move to the next side
get a stick and bread
combine stone + stick to get a hammer

back to left side where you can see a bird nest
put down the bread on the nest and get a scroll
move to right
open the scroll and read the symbol on the wall
A3 = blue petal
down 2x = orange circle
left = purple wings
up left = 3 white circle
C1 = blue triangle paw

use these symbols to open the chest for a key
go to right where you put the plank down
use the hammer to break the brick wall and pick up the bricks
move to right
place all bricks on ground and use it as stairs
use key to open the window lock and escape
continue on to can you escape tower stage 9


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