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Time Travel Escape Walkthrough

Cheats for Time Travel Escape Walkthrough Solutions Guide how to solve puzzle on each time room where you will travel not only through space, but through time and escape using items, code, keys to find your way out on every niveau level ! Find all crystal of time on each stage and we will be able to tune our time machine for precise traveling.
Time Travel Escape by Mescape on iphone (itunes) / android device (google play)

Doctor Emmett Wells will guide you on first level
Oh, I’ve been waiting just for you ! and you have finally come ! Welcome! My name is Doctor Emmett Wells.
When i published the vacancy i thought a brave adventurer will come quickly ! but i was wrong. I guess they thought it’s some kind of joke… And now you come ! i’ve almost finished the preparations. Are you ready ?
Well, we have no time for this anyhow. The window of opportunity is closing soon ! Check out my notes on the table !

time travel escape nivel 1 video cheats guide

Time Travel Escape Level 1 Solution
tap the left table, to see your 1st clue
“What a mess. I guess you’ll need to fix the cut paper. Tap on the papers and make them in one piece again.”
rotate each paper piece to connect them into numbers : 1981
“Now you’ve got a code. you will have to use it somewhere… Check the board”
“Turn it on, I can’t wait to begin the world’s first time travel !”
get the key and open the hatch then enter the code : 1981
get the part of exit panel then tap the handle

tap left table and use key to open table drawer, get 2nd part of panel and a crystal of time.
combine both part into 1 panel and use it on the time machine
tap the handle down and you will turn on the time machine portal for your escape !

Great ! now we can start our journey! i won’t be able to help you there, but i will at least give you some info about the place you’re in. No more time to waste ! hop into the portal !

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