World Wonders Escape Level 9 The Gherkin Walkthrough

Cheat for World Wonders Escape Level 9 The Gherkin Walkthrough – The Gherkin! It is an iconic symbol of London and is one of the city’s mos widely recognised examples of contemporary architecture. Play as adventurer to escape from the world’s most famous places with different room puzzle logic that hard to solve.
прохождение World Wonders Escape by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


world wonders escape level 9 walkthrough
open the magazine on table for coin and clue 2019
use the numbers to open blue bag for green towel and pick up the chair part
insert coin to vending machine and play the ‘simon says’ game
get the drink bottle
take another chair part on middle and connect the chair then put it in front of the door
use bottle to break the window above door then place the towel
escape to stage 10


solution of world wonders escape level 9 video cheats guide :

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