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Box and Suit – room escape game – Walkthrough

Guide for room escape game : Box and Suit – room escape game – Walkthrough – open some boxes using tools and code to key so you can escape from this mystery room.
脱出ゲーム Living Room by koji morimoto

Box and Suit -room escape game- video guide answer :

Box and Suit -room escape game- – solutions :
go to the right room and pick up a hammer inside the trash can
look for a room with sofa and get a box of glass
break the glass to get a key
go to the room with cabinet drawer, and use the key to unlock the 1st drawer with star open
there’s a box with 4 square, the hint is star
look on the windows on each room and combine them together to get the numbers of 1 window stars
the answer is :
2 – 4
4 – 3
enter this code on the box and open it
there’s another clue with 2 diamond card
go to the left room and tap the table
there are 4 cards :
5 diamond
1 heart
3 spade
5 club

back to the cabinet and open the box on top by entering all card symbols value
you need to add the diamond number : 5 + 2 = 7
so the code is 1 7 3 5
get a scissors inside
use the scissors to cut the lamp string on the right, and pick up the string on floor

go to the left and look for tips under the table :
move to the left twice and get a stick under the sofa
now go to the door
combine 3 items : hammer + stick + string
tap the ceiling hook with the combined item and it will drop a box on floor
there are 4 color square on the box : red yellow blue green
back to the cabinet and open the bottom drawer, there’s another hints of color
you need to enter the correct color like the clue under table :
red – green – blue – yellow – green – blue
get the key from the box and open the door to escape

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