100 Doors 4 Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough

Answer for 100 Doors 4 Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough Zenfox escape game how to solve the puzzle door logic on each floor room and find the code numbers to escape 100 doors 4 niveau stage !
прохождение 100 Doors 4 by ZENFOX on android device


100 doors 4 level 51 walkthrough
open the car’s door and get the screwdriver then use it on car
a circle panel will pop up
you need to tap the red – yellow – blue to point at the same color

100 doors 4 level 52 walkthrough
move the trash bin to right and get the pickaxe
use it to break the door lock, now slide door side to left and right

100 doors 4 level 53 walkthrough
get jerry can on right and use it on genset
get the tube and put it on electric panel
tap the genset to turn it on and door will open

100 doors 4 level 54 walkthrough
move box to right and get the CD
use it to the monitor, tap the open button on 2nd

100 doors 4 level 55 walkthrough
get the bowl on bottom right and put it onfloor
get the knife on right and use it on left food can
put it on the bowl


Solve many puzzles, use items and use all potential of your mind to open the doors and escape from the rooms nivel.
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