100 Hell 3D Chambers of Devil Floor 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough

Cheats for 100 Hell 3D Chambers of Devil Floor 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough to escape from the 100 floors of devil’s chambers in 100 hell 3d. Interact with items and solve the puzzle in full 3D world. Make good use of the holy sword and kill the devil ! Can you even find the door ?
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100 Hell 3D Floor 6 Walkthrough
lift the rock on left corner and pick up the bottle
use the bottle on the devil and kill it with sword

100 Hell 3D Floor 7 Walkthrough
find numbers with color on this room
red = 4
yellow = 3
blue = 7
green = 5

100 Hell 3D Floor 8 Walkthrough
look at the left table and open middle drawer for key
get stone from bottom drawer
look at the window on right side
use stone to break the glass and pick up key
insert both keys on middle device then tap both keys at the same time
tap the button to launch the rocket

100 Hell 3D Floor 9 Walkthrough
clue = give me a present
look at the past clock, it should be 2 hours before current time
so change the middle clock by adding 2 hours
the present box will drop, use sword to open it and kill the demon

100 Hell 3D Floor 10 Walkthrough
count how many lines on these color :
green (vase) = 2
blue (wall) = 6
red (pipe) = 5
order the numbers from small – big to get the correct sequence :
press these buttons : green – red – blue


Take the challenge from hell! Solve the puzzles of the chambers and kill the Devil! Can you escape from the 100 floors of the Chambers of Devil, in full dynamic 3D!? more chambers are coming soon.
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