100 Inferno Escape Level 11 – 20 Walkthrough

100 Escape Games guide for floor escape game : 100 inferno escape cheats for level 11 – 20 answers, continue with 10 more levels to solve the puzzle door.
In this article we show the solutions of the every levels from level 11 to level 20


100 Inferno Escape Hints :

100 Inferno Escape Level 11 Walkthrough
move the plant on floor to the left and pick up the hammer, use the hammer to break the glass that blocking the door by clicking it several times

100 Inferno Escape Level 12 Walkthrough
Count the number of red and blue dots that are scattered around the screen, and click on the numbers on the bottom to put the answers :
9 on the left (blue) and 8 on the right (red)

100 Inferno Escape Level 13 Walkthrough
move the sun that on the left door sit to the top left wall of the elevator door, while the moon on right door side to the right wall

100 Inferno Escape Level 14 Walkthrough
solve the mathematical operations on the wall :
red III-II = 1
green IV-I = 3
blue II + II = 4
yellow I + I = 2
now we must press on each of the colored tubes in the order using the roman numbers as the clue :
1 red, 2 yellow, 3 green and 4 blue

100 Inferno Escape Level 15 Walkthrough
move the buttons on door like the line drawings as indicated on both sides of the door :

100 Inferno Escape Level 16 Walkthrough
count how many corner number on each figure from the wall, each shape indicates the number on the door
Change the number into :
upper left 5
upper right 6
lower left 4
lower right 8

100 Inferno Escape Level 17 Walkthrough
move the goldfish is in the bottom of the screen to the shark’s mouth on door
follow the order from the ceiling colors for each fish : yellow, green, orange, pink and blue

100 Inferno Escape Level 18 Walkthrough
count the numbers of total wheels from each vehicle :
motorbike = 2
truck = 6
car = 4
motorcycle = 2

100 Inferno Escape Level 19 Walkthrough
we have to split the game screen into two halves, and place each figure as opposed to this on the other side


100 Inferno Escape Level 20 Walkthrough
rotate the square images by pressing each square to form the complete screen picture

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