100 Sento Level 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough

Cybergate Technology Ltd. room escape game solutions : 100 Sento Level 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle door niveau of japanese style bath escaping game.
100 Sentō “room escape game” the stage is oasis of the people, solve the secret in these Japanese bath “Sentō” and escape


100 sento level 36 walkthrough
get the match box on left side, observe it and light the match one by one
after you light all 3 matches, look on the box you’ll find the key to open door

100 sento level 37 walkthrough
on the ceiling there’s a bird nest, go to the other room
get the bird food and place it in the vessel, wait until the bird fly at it
look at the bird nest and pick up the key so you can open the door

100 sento level 38 walkthrough
get the magic hand on right, look at the bathtub on other room
use the magic hand to grab the key and open door

100 sento level 39 walkthrough
tap the left faucet and get the mirror, flip the mirror to see the hint
the total shape is 28, now find the value of circle triangle and square
the clue is star = 1
if you do the math you’ll find the code = 2531
enter it on keypad to open door

100 sento level 40 walkthrough
move to the other side and pick up the tablet
look at the ipad and you’ll find the hints where to tap on the mountain wall
get the paper clues to swipe the door open
go to the door and open your tablet, slide it to the door view and swipe the door open
now you’ll have the real door open


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