100 Sento Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough

Cybergate Technology Ltd. room escape game cheat : 100 Sento Level 51 52 53 54 55 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle door niveau of japanese style bath escaping game.
100 Sentō “room escape game” the stage is oasis of the people, solve the secret in these Japanese bath “Sentō” and escape


100 sento level 51 walkthrough
go to the other side and match the color of the object on wall by pressing : red blue green orange yellow in order
after the power : ON you can find the object from :
2nd room : bathtub
1st room : left mirror, left window and keypad
tilt your phone and tap the floor under the door
place the correct monster under each monster to reveal the code numbers
enter 8361 on keypad and door will open

100 sento level 52 walkthrough
this is a word game from grey yellow, get all the panel with picture from both room and place them on the bathtub wall in correct order
the answer is : apple elephant tomato orange

100 sento level 53 walkthrough
tilt your phone to the left and get the basin, move the other room and use the basin to cover each steam and reveal numbers on wall
enter the correct numbers on the keypad : 10 46 73 to open the door

100 sento level 54 walkthrough
find the numbers in order :
1 from paper notes
2 on the wooden steps
3 on wire inside bathtub
4 on the fish from right mirror
tap the panel right to the door and pick the correct cutting tools for each object number :
saw-tooth scissors wire-cutter knife

100 sento level 55 walkthrough
if you look on the bathtub there’s a shark swimming
tap the panel next to the door and increase the temperature into 99
back to the bathtub and you will see it’s only an old man dressed as a shark, if you go to the door it will break open


100 sento nivel 51 52 53 54 55 cheats video help guide :

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