100 Sento Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough

Cybergate Technology Ltd. room escape game guide : 100 Sento Level 81 82 83 84 85 Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle door niveau of japanese style bath escaping game.
100 Sentō “room escape game” the stage is oasis of the people, solve the secret in these Japanese bath “Sentō” and escape


100 sento level 81 walkthrough
go to bathtub, get key from cat
use key to open the panel on door left wall and look at the paper hint
get the key from the mountain picture on the wall
use the key to open the cat and receive paper hint
use the code to open keyhole on the panel using keypad : 360118
get the key back from left panel and use it on the keyhole to open door

100 sento level 82 walkthrough
tap the right wall for 4 paper colors, tap each paper until you find some numbers :
blue = 10
yellow = 5
purple = 8
red = 2
go to the bathtub and change the clock hand into the correct number by matching the color
when you’re done, go to the door and it will be open

100 sento level 83 walkthrough
tap the flying bird 2x so you see 2 poop on the floor, check them
you’ll find some numbers : 5 – 2 and 9
go to the other side and tap the blue bird twice so you got 2 poop on floor
now check them and combine the numbers by ordering the number position from left to right
tap the keypad door and enter 24975

100 sento level 84 walkthrough
go to the other side and get a bottle from bath
observe the bottle, remove the cap and tilt your phone upside down
get the label and fold the bottle
go to the door room
now remove the bottle part to the correct trash can label :
left = bottle plastic
middle = bottle label
right = bottle cap

100 sento level 85 walkthrough
go outside then go back in
tap the lower right for shovel
use the shovel to the left snow pile
get a capsule and observe it to open, get a notes inside
enter the number from paper to the keypad
go to the other side, look at the bath and put the shovel on the water
now use the shovel to clear the snow outside the door


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