100 Toilets 2 Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough

Solution for 100 Toilets 2 Level 76 77 78 79 80 Walkthrough – how to solve the secret puzzle in the toilet room for key, open the door and escape !
100 Toilets 2 “room escape game” by Cybergate technology Ltd. on iphone / android device
The stage of toilets come back again….Solve the secret in these toilets, open the door and escape!


100 toilets 2 niveau 76 77 78 79 80 solution :

100 toilets 2 level 76 walkthrough
look at the clue on mirror, there are 6 circle flying out from the line
go to the box on toilet tank, tap all the yellow ball so it jump on the air at the same time and you will have the door open

100 toilets 2 level 77 walkthrough
go to the toilet room and drag down all 5 triangle handle
remember the star position of each ball
now go to the door and open the panel and enter these color :
green – black – yellow – red – pink

100 toilets 2 level 78 walkthrough
there’s a cat picture on the door, this is the clue
get a button under the towel and combine it with ribbon from washbin into a bow
get a triangle on toilet floor and break it apart into 2 triangle + balls
put all the items into the doll on toilet tank
when the cat complete, the door will open

100 toilets 2 level 79 walkthrough
get battery from the wash bin and another battery from toilet control panel
open the remote control from toilet tank and add 2 batteries then close it
use the battery to the TV for code
enter the code numbers on door keypad panel

100 toilets 2 level 80 walkthrough
turn on the TV with remote and tap the vase on TV to break it for notes
look at the numbers from the paper note
enter the code from paper into the door keypad so the door open


100 toilets 2 cheats nivel 76 77 78 79 80 video guide :

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