5 Star Escape Level 16 Walkthrough

Cheat for 5 Star Escape Level 16 Walkthrough – Find 20 locked rooms full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! Test your room escape skills on 5 stars escape stage to solve puzzle logic for each room level ! If you are ready for this smart adventure, download 5 Star Escape game now!
прохождение 5 Star Escape by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


5 Star Escape Stage 16 Cheats
memorize the lamp color on :
left = green – blue – orange
right = red – purple – yellow
enter these colors on right speaker to get a lighter

pick up cup under left chair and tablet on table
memorize the cup position on each table and apply it to the right guitar
up right – up – right
get a key inside

pick up pen under piano and candle on drums
combine cup + candle + lighter then use it under the podium
use key to open box and get calendar
combine pen + calendar to reveal date
open the tablet and connect the concert picture to reveal clue

look behind guitar picture on left and enter 5151
get key and use it to open door and proceed to 5 star escape stage 17


step by step 5 star escape level 16 video guide

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