5 Star Escape Level 18 Walkthrough

Solution for 5 Star Escape Level 18 Walkthrough – Find 20 locked rooms full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! Test your room escape skills on 5 stars escape stage to solve puzzle logic for each room level ! If you are ready for this smart adventure, download 5 Star Escape game now!
прохождение 5 Star Escape by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


5 Star Escape Stage 18 Cheats
get battery under left pillow on right bed
pick up a picture under the crib
get another picture on left sofa
take a pen on white sofa

turn on the circle lamp on table to see the color clue :
green – blue – red
enter the color height : 2 – 1 – 3 on the bed to open hatch for paper clue
combine paper + pen to reveal the answer for maze

get a remote under pillow on black bed
insert batteries to remote and turn on the TV
you will find some dots that you can match with the maze hint
tap on left box and press the correct circle order to open and get another paper clue
you need to find out the correct number
tap table and enter 8576 to obtain key

use key to open door and move out to 5 star escape stage 19


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