5 Star Escape Level 4 Walkthrough

Hints for 5 Star Escape Level 4 Walkthrough – Find 20 locked rooms full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! Test your room escape skills on 5 stars escape stage to solve puzzle logic for each room level ! If you are ready for this smart adventure, download 5 Star Escape game now!
прохождение 5 Star Escape by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


5 Star Escape Stage 4 Cheats
get a paper clue under the woods on middle
tap left tiger to get a brush
combine brush + paper to see the hint of lion – anubis – jar
get circle button under left lion statue
find II symbol under right lion statue
tap right anubis to find O symbol
look under the right jar to find triangle symbol
place the button on right panel and tap the correct symbol in order :
bottom left – top right – top
get a telescope

look 3 symbols on left pot :
square – triangle – circle
use these shape to open right coffin and get a lens inside
combine lens + telescope then put it on left tripod
look inside telescope to find color clue : green – blue – orange
open the box inside coffin with the shapes to get a key

use key to open door and proceed to 5 star escape stage 5


step by step 5 star escape level 4 video guide

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