5 Star Escape Level 9 Walkthrough

Solution for 5 Star Escape Level 9 Walkthrough – Find 20 locked rooms full of puzzle, riddle and mystery ! Test your room escape skills on 5 stars escape stage to solve puzzle logic for each room level ! If you are ready for this smart adventure, download 5 Star Escape game now!
прохождение 5 Star Escape by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


5 Star Escape Stage 9 Cheats
look at the painting on right corner
get the brush under the palette
memorize the black area on the 3 circle : 2 – 3 – 1
use the clue to open left chest by clicking 2x 3x 1x on each button

look at the right table and get paper clue under book
there are shape on table with color :
circle = blue
square = yellow
red = triangle
open the table panel using each shape color to get magnifying glass

look at the picture on paper and find roman numerals on each object
left painting = IX
use magnifying glass on monalisa painting for number = II
use brush to the right painting to reveal number = IV
enter these number to the box inside chest for key
use key to open door and continue to 5 star escape stage 10


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