Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Solution of Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 3 Walkthrough how to solve puzzle code for stones vines brick gate, grenades, key, room, pipes, pascal and duplix question on allied spies level 3 ! use your spycraft and wits to solve puzzles ! resist interrogation and escape prison! will you complete your mission or die trying ? survive and escape as allied spies!
Room Escape game answer Adventure Escape: Allied Spies by Haiku Games


video cheat adventure escape allied spies chapter 3 :

step by step Adventure Escape Allied Spies Chapter 3 Walkthrough :
take pile of stones on right and use it to hit all 3 woods on the tires
take empty wine bottle and hose, then use stones to smash the gas cap
place the bottle on right then connect the hose on gas cap
you will take a molotov cocktail

use it on the fire to lit it, then throw it on the tank
drag the car to move it
now you need to push some stones to take the gate open
follow the overlaping + end of each vines for the clue

move the car and drag the grenades out
take the pipes and roll of keys from the man
use the 3rd and 4th key to open the door

enter these room signs
Tours – Rochele – Yorktown – Austreliz – Marne
take another 3 pipes then connect it
rotate the valve

take a brass pipe and connect it as lever
you will take numbers code from the pipes : 6211
enter it to the manhole to open

talk to pascal and answer : B – A – C – C – C
talk to duplix and answer : B – C – A – A – A
drag the door open and use grenades to open it


Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can you steal secrets from the Nazis and escape with your lives?
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