Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Guide of Adventure Escape Hidden Ruins Chapter 2 Walkthrough – an ancient treasure is stolen from your grasp by Larissa ! explore the secrets of a lost civilization with help from Professor Burns, Rachel, Tawa and Peter ! search for clues and solve challenging puzzles !
Room Escape game answer Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins – Mystery Story by Haiku Games


video guide adventure escape hidden ruins chapter 2 walkthrough :

adventure escape hidden ruins chapter 2 solutions
1. animal cave symbol puzzle
from the book clue we can get the value for each symbol :
. = 1
U = 2
S = 3
add up each symbols to get the order from the stones :
squirrel – fish – lemur – bird – snake – boar

2. jade fox head puzzle
to unlock the box, you need to visit ach node without crossing path
the fox should end at the center of the box
move it :
left – down – right – right
left – left – up – left – left
down – down – right – right
up – left – up – left – down – up

3. paper clue symbols for the lock
press it :
top : 1x 4x 3x 5x
bottom : 5x 2x 1x 4x

4. mushroom maze puzzle
you only have 6 bars for 1 move = 1 bar
get the mushroom to refill your energy full bars
to break the broken floor, you need to step on it twice
follow the step by step guide on video


Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Hidden Ruins! Can you find the long long treasure of the Kumari civilization?
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