Amazing Breakout Level 5 Walkthrough

Cheat for Amazing Breakout Level 5 Walkthrough – Right now we’re in a replica of the hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Play as a security guard and escape from the locked museum hall by unlocking every single hall which presents the history of humanity from the darkest times to nowadays. Solve the puzzles, break the codes – and escape! find small moai figures on each stage to unlock secret room !
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amazing breakout level 5 walkthrough
get the left iron on middle, tap the pillow on chair for keycard
open left table drawer for magnifying glass
use the iron to break right table glass then see the clock time on money using magnifying glass
tap left clock and change time into 2:22 to get USB
tap right door and get the connector plug

look at left table and connect the plug
insert USB to PC and tap the monitor to see the faces
open book on middle and match the faces for numbers
use the keycard on right door and press 1647
door will open and you can escape to stage 6


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