Bear, Star, Sun, and Moon Walkthrough

Solution for room escape game : Bear, Star, Sun, and Moon Walkthrough how to escape from the room by solving the puzzle.
脱出ゲーム クマと月と太陽と星 by Goro Sato


how to play :
Select an item and tap specific parts of the room to use the item. While examining an item, some items can be combined by selecting an item and tap on the examining item.

bear star sun and moon video guide answer :

escape game bear star sun and moon cheats :
tap the shelf on right, look at the diamond on right
get a red screwdriver handle behind it
look on the right corner of spade on top left, there’s a triangle with number 8
tap blue sofa right side, there’s a circle with number 3
pick up the crescent moon under the pillow on red sofa
go to the left, look under the table there’s a square with number 5

back to the other side
tap the box on shelf, enter the code for :
circle – square – triangle = 358
get a magnet inside

look at 3 green cone and remember the direction : left – front – right
move to the right and tap the bear, you must match it with cone direction
the answer is to tap on these teddy bear button to rotate :
purple : 1x
blue : 2x
green : 1x
go to the right and look at the bear on the wall
tap the face and get a yellow flashlight
click the clock and use the magnet to obtain a black button, if you examine the button there’s a number : 3

move to the other side and tap the right shelf
look at the dice cube that stack with each other, these are the math for 3 of 3 :(3×3×3=27)× 27 × 27 = 19683
tap the keypad on wall and put the missing 3 button
now enter the code : 19683
get a battery and combine it with flashlight

go to the left and tap the red sofa
check under the sofa and use flashlight to get the screwdriver tip
combine it with the handle to get a complete screwdriver

move to the other side
tap the blue ball on right shelf, use the screwdriver to remove the screws open
get a power cord from the ball and tap the tv on the right
put the power cord to the outlet on left wall

look 3 square under TV and remember the arrow path
tap the left triangle on shelf next to the bears
now combine the path and remember the triangle direction
turn on the TV by pressing power button, then tap the triangle button with a correct direction
blue path = 3 = open left box under TV, get a magnifying glass
yellow path = 5 = open right box under TV, get a star
green path = 7 = number on TV screen hint 3 5 8/30

go to the right and tap on the left picture, put the crescent moon
use the magnifying glass on the paper under picture to reveal numbers
move to the right and use the number to find the order of card symbol :
spade – club – heart – spade – diamond
pack to the picture on wall, this time tap on the right picture
put the star and look under the picture, you need to tap on the correct order then you will get a sun
tap the left picture and place the sun
look under the picture and tap the button then pick up the cup

go to the left and tap the table
you need to use the number clue on TV to get the correct water
the answer is to put the water on :
glass 3 = 4x
glass 5 = 2x
back to the picture and place the cup back then press the blue button
you will get a key inside the cup


move to the right and use the key to open the door, ESCAPE !

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