Black Christmas Level 1 Walkthrough

Cheats for Black Christmas Level 1 Walkthrough – Help santa escape on each christmas theme room by collect, combine and use items to solve puzzle and explore a house that needs to be saved in time for Christmas from zombie & kill them using the weapon !
прохождение Black Christmas by Amphibius Developers on android device


Black Christmas Level 1 Cheats :
get axe on right stump tree and memorize the number on it : 7417
also get the brick on swing
enter the code on the right chest to get rope
use the rope on the left sled, tap it and get a snowball
tap the tree swing once, then use the snowball to hit the shovel down
use the shovel on the left snow pile
break the frozen ice with brick to obtain the handle

tap the snowman on left and get the bucket
connect the handle to the hose faucet
put the bucket then fill it with water
back to the snowman and use the bucket on the snowman to make it melt
get the lighter

open the mailbox and use the lighter on the candle
get the candle and open right basemet door
use the candle to light the room and prepare your axe to kill the zombie
pick up the key from zombie and use it to open the door house
proceed to stage 2


step by step black christmas level 1 video guide

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