Black Christmas Level 3 Walkthrough

Solutions for Black Christmas Level 3 Walkthrough – Help santa escape on each christmas theme room by collect, combine and use items to solve puzzle and explore a house that needs to be saved in time for Christmas from zombie & kill them using the weapon !
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Black Christmas Level 3 Cheats :
tap the card on right kitchen table
place it on the left table, then match it :
k 8 4 6
3 j 4 j
6 k 3 8
you will find these cards left : 3 4 8 8
use these number as code to open bottom left drawer of the kitchen table
obtain a stick and binoculars

use binoculars on left window to see sign : 3758
enter the code on right box for corkscrew and yarn
give the yarn to cat on right side to get a cloth
use cloth to get light bulb on the ceiling

now connect the light bulb on right door
pick up the hammer and use it to break the ice on the left fridge
obtain a tweezers

back to left table and use the cork screw to open the bottle
now get the key using tweezers
open the box on window using the key for a bee stamp
use the stamp to break the window glass
get the icicle and antenna

put the antenna on the right TV to reveal code : 4702
enter the numbers on left window
use icicle to kill the zombie lady
get the key and use it to open right door
exit to stage 4


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