Black Christmas Level 5 Walkthrough

Answers for Black Christmas Level 5 Walkthrough – Help santa escape on each christmas theme room by collect, combine and use items to solve puzzle and explore a house that needs to be saved in time for Christmas from zombie & kill them using the weapon !
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Black Christmas Level 5 Cheats :
get a stick on right frozen fountain
tap the lamp on tree and get a fishing hook
open the car trunk and get a paper code : 534341
tap on the middle snow to pee and get a coin
use the coin on the middle phone, then input the number
you will get a new code : 5377
enter these number to the box inside car trunk
get hammer + nails

fix the ladder on the tree using these tools
get bread inside bird house and give it to the reindeer
you will obtain a drill, use it on the fountain to make a hole
use the fishing hook to get a key
use key to open the box on right
get a blade and lighter

go inside the igloo house
use lighter to see zombie in the dark and kill it using blade
get a screwdriver
go out and unscrew the electric panel
get a gun and car’s key

open the car door using key and shoot on the zombie inside
take a brush inside
use the brush to clean the car’s window to see code : 5384
enter these number into the box inside igloo
pick up a lock cutter and use it to cut the lock gate, then open it
back to the car and use the car’s key to start it
escape from the black christmas


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