Can You Escape 3 Level 11 Walkthrough

Clue for Can You Escape 3 Level 11 Walkthrough how to pass each puzzle room stage by collecting and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the residence room and reach new stage !
Can You Escape 3 Game by Mobigrow on iphone and android device


can you escape 3 niveau 11 solution
get a clamp on right floor
go to left room and use the clamp to the bird
open the chest by matching the picture :
eagle – paw – fin
get a knife inside and go to right room to sharpen it with the red machine
tap the right cabinet and connect the deer picture to open it for an axe
use axe to the left plant on middle room for stick
combine stick + knife + quill

go to right room and use the combined item to the gun
snipe the deer head to get a handle
connect the handle to open the hatch on right floor of middle room
get a torch and use it to break the door lever
then use the torch to the fireplace on right room to get a fire
light the hatch on floor of middle room with the torch and get a board
use the board to open door by finding the different thing on each symbols
proceed to stage 12


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