Can You Escape 3 Level 3 Walkthrough

Tips for Can You Escape 3 Level 3 Walkthrough how to pass each puzzle room stage by collecting and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the residence room and reach new stage !
Can You Escape 3 Game by Mobigrow on iphone and android device


can you escape 3 niveau 3 solution
go to right room and change the flower pattern to connect :
red – brown – white – yellow
tap the box on the left table and use the flower pattern to open it
get a bottle inside

remember the clock color on the wall :
yellow – red
brown – white
tap the sofa and change the color to get a bottle
move the bear on left shelf to get a red stone

remember the position of picture on wall
o o x
x o o
o o x
move to the middle room and change the position of right wall to get a bottle inside

move to the right room and place all 3 bottle on the right table drawer
get another red stone on cabinet then combine it to get a complete heart shape
go to the elevator and place the stone as key to open door
continue to stage 4


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