Can You Escape 3 Level 8 Walkthrough

Cheat for Can You Escape 3 Level 8 Walkthrough how to pass each puzzle room stage by collecting and combine items, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape the residence room and reach new stage !
Can You Escape 3 Game by Mobigrow on iphone and android device


can you escape 3 niveau 8 solution
open the top right cabinet to get a rope
go to left room and get a weight on floor and baseball bat on the arcade machine
play the red arcade machine to see a color clue :
1 2 3 = red purple green
open left safe on wall using the clue for a trophy

go to right room and get a basketball on floor
use the bat to break the window then put the weight on yellow spot
connect the rope to weight then put it on the window
get the trophy

put in the basketball to the ring on middle room for another trophy
now put all the trophy to the right cabinet
also look at the clue on left room for trophy poster position
right – front – right
after the door open you can continue to stage 9


can you escape 3 nivel 8 video guide :

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