Can You Escape 3D Prison Walkthrough

Cheats for Can You Escape 3D Prison Walkthrough – Prison Escape ! You are in an abandonned prison, you need to escape out of here ! its not easy, so find out how to escape the prison room with tools to find the way out on this real 3d interaction where you can swipe to rotate and look for many different locations with prison room theme !
Can You Escape 3D Prison app game by Nordic Electronics and FunGamesMobile on iphone / android device


can you escape 3d prison solution :
get a magnet under the pillow of top bed, use it to get key under the bed
open the left locker door for cheese with this key
put the cheese on floor near the jail bar, a mouse will take the cheese and leave a nail
pick it up to open the jail door

move to the other side
open the middle jail door, tap the right locker door and get a key

go out and move to the other side, there’s a hint on wall : 9 blue
open the middle jail door, tap the bed to see number hint : 2 green
use the key to open the jail left door, go inside and get a lockpick under bed

go out and open the toilet door with lockpick
tap the bucket on floor to see hint : 7 yellow
open the right door to get a toilet paper, then open the left door and use the toilet paper on the toilet bowl so you have a wet paper

go out from bathroom and look at the bottom right wall
use the wet paper to clean the sand and get a access card

move to the other side and use the card to open the door
go outside, get a weight plate on left floor then use it on the brick to make it sharp

back to the jail and go in front of the toilet door
look back and move inside the left jail door
tap the top bed and use the weight to cut the bed sheet for screwdriver
go out to the toilet and use the screwdriver to open the middle door with “out of order” sign
tap the toilet bowl to get a shovel and press it a couple of time to see hint : 5 red

go out and move to the outside
use the shovel to the sand and get an electric wire
tap the stone on right side to reveal hint : 1 purple

go back inside and move to the right
use the wire on the panel numbers and enter code :
5 7 2 9 1 from the color clue : red yellow green blue purple

move inside and open door to the next room
get electric wire under the left table
open the panel on wall and use the wire on it then pull down the handle
tap the left computer and enter password : escape3d
you will see the exit password : 4829
go out and tap the left door keypad and enter the code to get rope from door

now go back outside
look at the chair side and use the rope on ceiling then you can escape ! congratulation 🙂 you have completed prison


can you escape 3d prison room video guide :

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