Can You Escape 4 Level 10 Walkthrough

Solutions for Can You Escape 4 Level 10 Walkthrough – This apartment has two rooms for kids. Do you have kids? Maybe this one will fit your needs ! Find the best apartment room that suits your taste on can you escape 4 ! solve the apartment room puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each apartment room ! Find the hidden origami carambola flower on each room to access the secret room !
прохождение Can You Escape 4 by Kaarel Kirsipuu on iphone and android


can you escape 4 niveau 10 solution :
get a shoe under the left bed
memorize the position of button on corner left wall :
left – right
middle – left
tap the blue box on right floor and change the button position like the clue
get a gamepad

pick up scissors on right cabinet
connect the gamepad on left cable and remember the color :
red – yellow – green – blue – purple
tap the bookshelf and press the correct book color order
get a key

use the shoe to scare the cat under the right bed
get a red toy car

use scissors to cut the left speaker on shelf for magnet
combine toy car + magnet
open the vent on right wall
use the toy car to get a key

the clue on wall is AL and RA
insert the key on each slot then enter the code to open door
proceed to can you escape 4 stage 11


can you escape 4 nivel 10 video cheat guide :

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