Can You Escape 4 Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Can You Escape 4 Level 7 Walkthrough – It smells funny here. I’ll open the window while we’re looking around. Find the best apartment room that suits your taste on can you escape 4 ! solve the apartment room puzzles, break the codes and use your logic to escape from each apartment room ! Find the hidden origami carambola flower on each room to access the secret room !
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can you escape 4 niveau 7 solution :
look at the table on middle
get a knife and read the paper for clue :
blue = right
red = up

tap the left wash bin, get the fork and change the tap color direction like the hint
use the knife to cut the right pillow for battery
insert the battery to the phone on table
connect the peace symbol to see color clue :
yellow = 20
green = 40

tap the right safe behind the peace symbol on right wall
change the safe number into 20 (outer) 40 (inner)
obtain a seed inside

tap the pot on left window and get the glass
use the glass on the left faucet
now follow the picture on left side : fork + seed + water
so use fork on the pot, add seed then water
you will grow plants with color

use the color to get numbers on keypad :
red – yellow – green – purple = 3864
door will open and you can continue to can you escape 4 stage 8


can you escape 4 nivel 7 video cheat guide :

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