Can You Escape 5 Level 3 Walkthrough

Cheat for Can You Escape 5 Level 3 Walkthrough – solve 18 different rooms high-end puzzles, amazing graphics, mind mind-blowing riddles and much more! Find 18 missing rubies on each room to unlock the secret room !
прохождение Can You Escape 5 by Kaarel Kirsipuu / MobiGrow on iphone and android


Can You Escape 5 Stage 3 Cheats
pick up basket and shirt on floor
put the shirt to left washing machine
take clean bottle behind left basket and insert it to washing machine
pick up the clean shirt
look at the shirt for numbers code : 83

insert the items on basket on right washing machine
now connect the picture of socks and count how many for each colors

tap right panel and enter :
8 3 – 2 1 4
the lift door will open and you can escape
proceed to can you escape 5 level 4


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