Can You Escape Coma Level 5 Walkthrough

Cheat for Can You Escape Coma Level 5 Walkthrough – the goal is to open each door solving different puzzles you’ll find objects which will help you open new puzzles until you open the door.
Can You Escape: Coma by mannyappsny on android and iphone device
i understand, i can not sleep because..
i am already asleep.. this is all a dream
i have to find a way to awaken
before it was too late


can you escape coma niveau 5 solution :
get 1st button on top left shelf
tap the right side and get 2nd button
open the bottom right drawer to get a can
get a knife from right side
combine can + knife to open it

use the can on the dog bowl
get key from the dog bed and move to the right room
use key to open the fridge for an apple
put the apple on the food basket, get the 3rd button on table
look under the right chair for 4th button

look at the picture on left wall for sun shape clue
back to left room and put all the buttons on left stove
now change the shape like the sun clue
get the key from the oven and use it to open door


Can You Escape Coma Nivel 5 Video Cheats Guide :

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