Can You Escape Craft Level 9 Walkthrough

Hints for Can You Escape Craft Level 9 Walkthrough – It’s really hot in here! I don’t remember if there actually was the key from the door… Maybe we can find some other way to open it? Find all 19 strawberry on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all minecraft room escape theme !
прохождение Can You Escape – Craft by Kaarel Kirsipuu / MobiGrow on iphone and android


Can You Escape Craft Stage 9 Cheats
get the stick on right
pick up a watermelon picture square on left
put the square to the missing spot on fridge then connect the picture
obtain a bottle inside
memorize the black valve color on fridge : up – down – up right

use the stick to clean spider web on the middle to see clue : 213
enter the number to the box to get valve
place the valve above the stove and change the direction like the hint
you will see a fire on stove
get the cloth on stove and combine with the bottle then add the fire

throw the bottle to open the door
proceed to can you escape craft stage 10


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