Can You Escape Deluxe Level 10 Walkthrough

Solution for Can You Escape Deluxe Level 10 Walkthrough – We rented this level to young scouts organization. If you were a scout, getting out would be enough fun for you! Collect 19 hand mirrors to unlock the secret room !
прохождение Can You – Escape Deluxe by Kaarel Kirsipuu / MobiGrow on iphone and android


Can You Escape Deluxe Stage 10 Cheats
get 2 badges on left trophy and put it on the right to the missing spot
pick up iron from drawer
open suitcase on right bed to get a trumpet and place it on left wall
look at the bugle sign on trumpet : I II V
use these code to open compartment on suitcase by pressing the button in order I II V
get the knife and use it to cut the rope above bed, take the rope

connect the iron to the right side of the door and add the rope
tap the lever and get some marbles
place the marbles on left wall
now you need to figure out the correct color order
find the clue on left wood of fire place + right badges color
the orders are :
green – blue – yellow – orange – red
get the circle and connect it to the right wall
rotate it to match the picture and the elevator door will open
proceed to can you escape deluxe level 11


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